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Plastic Makers

Today only approximately 13 percent of plastic packaging is recycled. ACC Plastic Division members have pledged to achieve a circular economy for plastic packaging so that 100 percent of used plastic packaging in the U.S. will be reused, recycled, or recovered by 2040. This will require recovering plastic packaging and expanding traditional and emerging technologies that repurpose plastics into multiple valuable products.

Consumer Packaged Goods Companies

Multiple consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, large and small, have pledged to dramatically increase the use of recycled plastics in their products and packaging. The vast majority of the 25 largest CPG companies have made commitments to fully recyclable or compostable packaging by 2030 at the latest. These pledges continue to expand as more companies develop sustainability goals that embrace the circular economy.

Meeting these recycling goals typically fits within the broader sustainability goals, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing, operations, and products. Find out more about the sustainability initiatives of CPG companies.


Cities and counties across the nation have pledged to divert waste from the environment/landfills by increasing recycling rates. As the National League of Cities notes: “Pushing toward a circular economy would generate real benefits for workers and the environment. Doubling our diversion rate from 34% to 75% by 2030 could create 1.1 million jobs and reduce 276 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, which is equal to shutting down 72 coal power plants or removing 50 million cars from the road.” Get details on community recycling efforts.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the agency that oversees implementation of federal laws related to waste management and recycling, has developed a “National Framework for Advancing the U.S. Recycling System,” a multi-stakeholder initiative “to identify specific actions to take in addressing the challenges and opportunities facing the U.S. recycling system.” EPA is developing national recycling goals as a benchmark to measure success of the actions identified in the Framework. Read more about the Framework.