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About Advancing Circular Packaging

Advancing Circular Packaging is a resource dedicated to helping companies and communities:

  • Better understand the sustainability benefits of plastic packaging
  • Discover what plastic makers are doing to create a more circular economy for plastic packaging
  • Learn about the latest efforts to expand traditional recycling and innovations in advanced recycling technologies
  • Work to improve recycling and drive development of advanced recycling technologies
  • Find opportunities to get involved in the work of relevant sustainability initiatives
  • Share tools and information to help companies and communities meet their sustainability (recycling/zero waste) goals

Through ongoing innovation, partnerships and collaboration we will continue advancing circular packaging.

About the Plastics Division of the American Chemistry Council

The Plastics Division of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) represents the leading U.S. producers of the modern plastic materials used to make countless consumer goods that improve the quality of our lives, our environment, and our economy. Plastics makers create materials that help us do more with less and use resources efficiently. Much of the packaging we use in the United States is made from plastics. In addition to increasing the shelf life of foods and beverages, plastics help reduce our environmental footprint by lowering energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. To capitalize on these benefits, plastics makers know that we need to end plastic waste. Plastics Division members are working to help answer increased calls for better recycling and new solutions that enable society to use and reuse our valuable plastic resources.

That’s why America’s Plastics Makers committed to ensuring that all plastic packaging is reusable, recyclable, or recoverable by 2030 and all plastic packaging is reused, recycled, or recovered by 2040.

We work with communities, consumer companies, researchers, non-profits, and governments to grow awareness for plastic packaging’s sustainability benefits, to increase recovery and recycling of plastics… and to end plastic waste in the environment.