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Plastic Resin pellets in holding hands

Driving Sustainability in Plastic Packaging Design, Recycling and Recovery

As we look for ways to enhance packaging sustainability and develop more circular packaging systems, we should remember functionality and environmental benefits often go hand-in-hand.

Plastic Bags

The Year of Advanced Recycling

Could THIS be the year that Advanced Recycling kicks up momentum?

Fork lift carrying plastic

Recovering Recyclable Materials in the Northeast

A new project assesses the viability of capturing additional recyclable plastics at sort.

Workers at a textile factory looking at the operation of a machine

Improvements to Packaging Recycling

Plastic makers’ respond to Extended Producer Responsibility legislation.

Recycling Innovations

Through education, collaboration, new business models, and with the right set of domestic policies, we can continue to develop and scale innovative new technologies that can convert post-use plastics into a wide range of valuable end products.


Mechanical Recycling

ACC’s Plastics Division and its member companies have invested billions of dollars over the past few decades in establishing and expanding the infrastructure for mechanical recycling.


Advanced Recycling

Advancing technologies can significantly expand the markets for used plastics both in the U.S. and globally, which will help keep plastics out of the environment and in productive use.


Plastic Waste Solutions

ACC and our members are deeply committed to ending plastic and other waste in the environment and creating a more circular economy for plastics.